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Banc Display Suite closing to make way for construction

Our onsite display suite will be closing next Monday 10 July at 5pm to make way for construction.

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SJB Interiors are leaders in design. With a sole objective to respond to every new project with tailored solutions, SJB Interiors push the boundaries in adaptive interior design to create timeless and highly expressive living spaces. With multi-awarding winning projects in Australia, Asia and Europe, SJB Interiors have perfected the art of designing spaces that fulfil their need to be functional, inviting, and reflective of clients’ requests.

SJB Directors of Interior Design, Jonathan Richards and Kirsten Stanisich were recent recipients of the Interior Designer of the Year Award, the most prestigious accolade presented at the 2017 Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards. Congratulations to the SJB team for their incredible efforts!